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Not much to say about this submission really. Good for a bit of immature humor at least. Keep practising at drawing :)


Piemix responds:

thanks man, i did this in a day though XD lol

Not Too Bad

For a start, the sprites were pretty good. My only real complaints would be the sound quality, it's pretty poor - you can easily hear where it stops and starts, and the voice acting sounded pretty novice.

Other than that, a good flash.


VitorAraujo responds:

I remember you, you reviewed "Sonic's Going Down to NG" my other submission, And yes the audio sucks, but that's because it's the first time I use my microphone, but I like your review, thanks.


I liked the pre-loader, but minimal effort was put into the graphics, and the animation.

A good start for a first submission though.


VitorAraujo responds:

Whatch my other submission "Chaos Trick-Treating".
It's better, much better.

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Great Game

Very addictive, I managed to complete it >:) I've got the cookie to prove it. I really liked the progressivly harder stages. Impossible mode was fun.

The only thing I could suggest you could improve on is maybe not having the ball/finish at the same place in each level.

Great work.


Hello Thar

Not a bad quiz, although a bit buggy. I found the questions quite hard, and it was quite annoying having to go back to the start when you almost get to the end - but that's the name of the game I guess. Good points; the music was okay, and the graphics good enough. You need to stop forgetting to put a pre-loader in >:)


Frenzy responds:

I didn't forget to purt a pre-loader in... I exported it, and was going to add a pre-laoder, but then the program crashed.... >:(

Thanks for the review!


Pretty Good

Fair amount of sounds, varying sound quality, good graphics. My only complaint would be that it took ages to load - and that soundboards suck :P


Frenzy responds:

Lol, sorry about the huge filesize!


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Pretty good

Not much to say about this track, it's a good funk audio. Congrats on weekly 5th.



Apart from being far too short, it was pretty good. You really should extend this.



A simple, but entertaining audio - kinda relaxing in a way. The clarity was excellent. Good work.


Ah, life. What a precious gift - like boobs, or rockets.

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